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Arun Parish

Traffic and Access Committee 2017

Current Membership

Cllr James Stewart (Chairman), Cllr Kay Wagland , Cllr Wendy Eve,  Cllr Karin Moorhouse, Cllr Michael Tu.

Mayor Angela Standing, Deputy Mayor Lucy Ashworth (ex officio)

Issues and minutes
Date Agenda Minutes
23rd February  2017 Agenda 23rd February 2017 [pdf] 116KB Minutes 23rd February 2017 [pdf] 128KB
4th May 2017 Agenda 4th May 2017 [pdf] 100KB Minutes 4th May 2017 [pdf] 241KB
22nd June 2017 Agenda 22nd June 2017 [pdf] 252KB Minutes 22nd June 2017 [pdf] 260KB
10th August 2017 Agenda 10th August 2017 [pdf] 116KB Minutes 10th August 2017 [pdf] 382KB
28th September 2017 Agenda 28th September 2017 [pdf] 236KB Minutes 28th September 2017 [pdf] 217KB
23rd November 2017 Agenda 23rd November 2017 [pdf] 272KB Minutes 23rd November 2017 [pdf] 310KB



Please find the link below to WSCC's TRO page where all restrictions for Arundel can be found -


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