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Arun Parish

Arundel Town Council Staff

Arundel Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer - 

The Clerk (Locum) - Sue Simpson

The clerk is the proper officer of the council and is the person responsible for implementing council policy as well as advising the council and making sure that they act within the law. The clerk prepares agendas for council and committee meetings and takes minutes of said meetings as well as keeping all the councils records. They are given certain powers by the council.  The Clerk is contracted for 12 Hours per week.

Responsible Financial Officer - Mark Mulberry


The RFO provides professional advice to the Council as well as preparing the annual budgets for submission to the Council whilst also forecasting for future income and expenditure.


Deputy Town Clerk - Carolyn Baynes


The Deputy Town Clerk deputises for the Clerk in her absence as well as taking on many of the clerks tasks. The Deputy Town Clerk is contracted for 120 hours per month.

Events Manager – Sue Roderick

The events manager is responsible for the effective running of all the events at the Town Hall. These include functions from weddings and parties to meetings and seminars. She manages a team of contracted and casual staff to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for the customer. The Events Manager is contracted for 147 hours a month

Events Assistant – Deborah Walder

The events assistant is responsible for helping with the running of all events at the Town Hall including weddings, parties and seminars. The Events Assistant is contracted for 60 hours a month.

Community Events Co-ordinator/Administrative Assistant – Julia Richards

This is a dual role to support the organisation, facilitation and management of the community events in Arundel. These events include the prestigious Arundel Festival and Arundel by Candlelight, as well as other smaller events throughout the year. All of our events are run with the fantastic support of our loyal volunteers. This role is also responsible for the efficient and effective day-to-day running of the office, including council paperwork and enquiries from Residents. The Community Events Co-ordinator/Administrative Assistant is contracted for 120 hours a month.

Town Hall Keeper – Contractor


The Town Hall Keeper is responsible for the effective running and maintenance of the Town Hall and the councils external assets.

Casual Staff

The Council also hire staff on a casual basis to help with the running of events and cleanliness of the Town Hall.


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