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Arun Parish

Project Underpass

Project Underpass


I am sure you’ve all heard by now and seen the article in The Bell  to confirm that Project Underpass has had the Go-Ahead from Arundel Town Council and it’s all systems go! All the necessary paints are stored; all the brushes and rollers are clean… so far and ladders are on their way!


 We are working on Arundel themes: Blue skies and fluffy clouds with swallows darting overhead while the two side walls will illustrate special places like the castle, the brewery ( the young peoples’ idea!) Wild Fowl and Wetlands with river scenes and  swans and boats….perhaps. I cannot give too much away at the moment as the final artwork is under wraps and is Top Secret!


Preparatory work will begin soon and this is where YOU come in!  

As with all grand schemes  any offers of help will be much appreciated so we can make this a true community event. If you would like to be involved please get in touch with the Town Council Office (Carolyn - 01903 881567). 

First round of help is really for adults and we (Lynn - Youth Leader and I that is) are looking for willing hands to help us prepare and apply the base coat before the AYC go all creative on us! 


Saturday 14th July and  Sunday 15th July is when all this kicks off.   So,  if you can spare an hour or two and don’t mind a bit of painting  it would really help.  Every little bit makes a difference and together we will get this done. 


Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing you wield that paint brush!


Cllr Karin Moorhouse.

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