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Arun Parish

Traffic Survey

We are looking for Community  Support to help us with the following issues:-



1) Campervan parking on Mill Road and London Road

2) Changes to on street parking restrictions (e.g. Causeway to 2 hour and remove section lower down Tarrant Street).

3) Excessive & obstructive parking on Fitzalan Road



1) Footpath from Swanbourne Lake to Black Rabbit along Mill Road.

2) Pedestrian crossing at Queen Street


Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are legal documents that enable WSCC, as the local highway authority, to manage traffic in the county. TROs are required to implement: parking places; waiting, loading and unloading bays; double yellow lines; one-way streets; turning bans; prohibitions of vehicles; vehicle weight restrictions; bus and cycle lanes; taxi ranks. TROs can be permanent or temporary. Temporary TROs enable us to temporarily restrict or prohibit an activity on the highway, such as during a public event.


CHS = Community Highways Scheme - these are community lead ideas that WSCC can proceed on without the need for a full TRO through the IWE (Integrated Works Programme).

CHS Examples of schemes we have delivered include: traffic calming features, town/village centre enhancement, cycling facilities, crossing facilities, speed limits/zones and junction improvements.


Please help us by completing a short “Survey Monkey” online questionnaire before the end of July.




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